Art and Culture Consultant


Art and Culture Consultant


Creative Spark Consultant

I offer short term contract work to State Government, local councils, Non for profits and small businesses.

Please email or call to see how I could help your organisation with Arts and Cultural Projects.

Please refer to this website for more information


A community minded design and arts professional with over 20 years’ experience in the creative arts and design industry. I offer a unique skill set that includes local retail and international wholesale representation and management, and international promotions covering the web, social media and traditional print. I direct a small business in the creative arts, run and Artist Co Op and work in local council delivering a variety of Council and community events and programs. I am a motivated, energetic individual that enjoys working with small teams to achieve great results within set deadlines. I believe that my insight and experience in these fields allows me to produce a creative yet professional approach to the “business of art”, and effectively motivate and encourage other artists, business owners and government officers.


·         20+ years of high customer service covering retail and managing wholesale clients, working in small community groups.

·         Local Council Officer that has successfully grown the space, from a one event offering to many Community and Council lead events and programs.

·         Brand awareness and promotions manager, working within budget and timelines.

·         Building relationships within Council, Non-for Profit and Business.

·         Demonstrated success in developing and growing arts and community projects.

·         Computer experience with a sound understanding of Photoshop, Illustrator, Word and HTML.


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