Emerging Artist Mentoring

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Emerging Artist Mentoring


Emerging Artists definition - First 5 years of your art practice, not exhibited broadly, no formal education

It might seem that business and art make unlikely friends, but the reality is that artists who can be business-like about their creative work are far more likely to make money and get ahead professionally.

Business Skills are required to build your brand (You) and or the products you sell. There are certain skills that make running a business easier. Some skills occur naturally, but some can be learned and developed.

Many wonderful creative souls dabble for years and can’t seem to cross over into a viable business. Selling art successfully comes with the same principles as any business, with some added challenges! The Australian art market is fickle, and art is considered a luxury product. Understanding your uniqueness and who your buyer is will help guild your business in the right direction.

The sessions are designed to be flexible and individual depending on your needs. Although it might not come naturally, learning and developing the basics of business can help you make the most of your art practice and develop your career to its full potential.

Each session is 45 mins long, once a month for 6 months (The first session is 60 mins). This timeline has been developed to working towards your goals. You will get homework for your business and art practice and as you work your way though this, questions will pop up. Write these downs for the next session. The consistency of the sessions will commit you to making meaningful changes to your art practice.

Mentoring can be over the phone/online or held in my studio.

Please make a time to call, for a complimentary 15 min chat about if I can help you and your art practice. samantha@samanthathompson.com.au or 0429 487 721

The basic agenda for the workshops is Business planning, marketing, tax and book keeping, code of conduct and pricing, networking, money management, exhibitions, grant writing and promotions.

Total cost of the 6 month mentoring program is $950.00 (payment options are available please enquire)

A little about me,

I’m a regionally based professional artist, with a work history in design, marketing and local council. I worked for many years in an Australian deign brand, in retail, wholesale and international promotions. Working in a small design company means you learn many aspects for the business. I worked in fashion and I have also worked in local government, as a Arts and Culture officer. Despite the paid jobs and being a mother to 3 boys, I have always maintained my art practice. At one point, I owned and operated my own studio and gallery space in Saint Kilda, Melbourne. As part of my Council role, I have worked with and for many artists, either running exhibitions and events (Like Art Trails and openings) in regional spaces. I have written high level policy for the art and culture industry and I’m currently a consultant to small creative businesses and local and state government organisations.  

I have also had the pleasure of running workshops in art and creative business for many years, in groups or privately. I have worked in schools and leaning spaces. Being a successful professional artist means you need to diversify. The great news is being exposed and welcomed into some wonderful opportunities that only creatives get to see. I love my job and I’m passionate about sharing my varied experiences with small business and emerging artists. Please refer to my BIO page for my artist history.


“I’ve worked with Samantha over many years, to help develop my arts practice. Her honest and down to earth approach to the art industry is refreshing and has helped my art business in sales and also understanding who I am, and what I offer. Cant recommend her enough.”

— Helen Esher

“Through her role as Arts and Culture Officer at Golden Plains Shire Council Samantha demonstrated a genuine passion for providing opportunities for local young people to explore and develop their creativity.

Samantha worked alongside the Youth Development Team to create a variety of engaging community programs, workshops and events to build skills and showcase the creative talents of young people.

Samantha has strong youth development practices and a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with her audience. Subsequently, positive outcomes have always been achieved when working with Samantha.”

— Mark De Campo Senior Youth Development Officer Golden Plains Shire Council

“Thank you for all you have given to create a creative space for all that have used. It’s been great working with you .Thank you Samantha x”

— Bev loveday - BOP Artist

“Samantha is both a consummate professional and a true creative. Combine this with a wealth of experience negotiating with arts and government organisations and you get an invaluable asset for anyone wanting to turn their ideas into concrete realities. Can’t recommend Samantha highly enough. ”

— Sarah Hart Creative

“It was an extraordinary day for me yesterday at the professional development workshop and couldn’t have come at a better time to completely inspire me and motivate me to continue pursuing art. ”

— ALLEGRA DE LEUCIO - Emerging Artist

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