Workshop -Professional Development


Workshop -Professional Development


Held in Lethbridge on August 31st - Sunday 12 to 3pm

Artist Studio, 81 Goggin Rd, Lethbridge, Vic (90 mins from Melbourne CBD)

About me, (please refer to my bio page for full list of art related experience)

Many people that enjoy making art or are interested in design have fantastic talent, but really don’t understand the steps they need to take to run a successful studio. Perhaps you have always created, but life/family commitments have meant that your passion has taken a back step. Maybe you feel you are at the stage in your life, that you would like to really take your art to the next level. I see it every day, and for years have been answering questions from artists.

Many artist and designers spend years at Uni or Tafe, (myself included) and leave still not understanding the practical side of a business, or how to successfully turn your hobby into a full time business.
Over 20 years of running and operating my own self promoted arts studio, and at the same time working within my family high end design business, I have a wealth of practical advice to share. I had the great advantage of growing up in my father retail rag trade, and I worked there for many years before I started to work for Stephanie Browne Australia, an International retail and wholesale design business. At 16, I was assisting Sydney wholesale shows, at 19 I was representing the brand in NZ and the UK, and setting up wholesale exhibitions and wholesaling on behalf of the brand in NYC. I have been exposed to years of design and the art business, in retail and on a wholesale level. This experience has help to mold my current art practice and until recently I was still a part of the design team, working in International brand promotions and dealing with retail and wholesale clients. I have run cafes, operated my own art gallery in St Kilda, studied Studio Textiles design at RMIT, and for the last several years, worked for Local Council in the Arts and Culture sector. I also manage a non for profit arts group with a HQ in Meredith called The BOP Arts Co Op.

What’s on offer?
1. Definitions of an artist or designer, what qualification will you need
2. Self-worth as an artist/designer, how to set up fair pay from the beginning
3. What do you want from your art? A successful International design company? A small busy home studio? To be represented by an Art Gallery?
4. How to photograph, reproduce and have a strong brand from the beginning.
5. A look at your current work, does it have consistency? What makes you different? Who is your audience?
6. Material and medium, what NOT to use!
7. Price structure, how to price your work so that it sells
8. How and where to exhibit
9. How to use social media, the internet, print and press to promote your business on a tight budget.
10. How to write a press release, what to include.
11. How to approach stores and galleries.
12. How to invoice, get great working habits in the studio including tax, invoicing, understanding artist rights.
13. Practical advice for Australia artist and designer ongoing support available online.
14. Understanding who and why people buy your work.
15. Website and online shop information.
16. How to be professional online.
17. Networking, how to gain from it.
18. Trademark and copyright information
19. Grant writing, looking for funding and opportunities
20. The positive aspect of working with local artist groups and councils/funding bodies

Please note this is a 3 hour session, with general information. If you require a more personal service please book in for a one on one.

Afternoon tea provided.

Further information please contact myself directly (Ph) 0429 487 721


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