Tropical Bliss

New work6y6 small.jpg
New work6y6 small.jpg

Tropical Bliss


Hypnosis is a human condition involving focus of attention, reduced peripheral awareness, and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. In this new mixed media series Samantha draws us in and asks quiet questions. Hypnosis is a reflection and celebration of the individual. Inherently female and suggestive, the series uses many forms of media, speciality paper, printmaking, painting and ink/pastel, to bring us closer. The many layer and influences are represented of our memories and shared humanness, they weave and bang their way together to form the final piece, a kaleidoscope of energies and experiences.

All welcome to the opening and exhibition of Hypnosis at Tacit Galleries - Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria - 21st September to 15th October 2019

“Tropical bliss”

Varied Edition (original) mixed media (paper, ink, oil paint)

Reduction Linocut - 8 Colours

size 30 x 30cm

Made 2018


Comes with frame pictured

Shipped flat packed, in cardboard and bubble wrap.


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