Luna Original Monoprint

Luna Original Monoprint



Luna is an exploration of the moon and planets in our galaxy. How it feels to be connected and alienated from these masses at the same time.  As humans over time, we have attached spiritual and cultural significance to the moons and stars, continually suspecting they play a part of our future and our past. Worshipping and fearing the glowing and ever-present spectators of our human evolution.

Comforting yet alarmingly thought proving at the same time, it’s hard to look at the sky and not feel small and insignificant, to not feel connected to our collective human experiences. Like a grain of sand, in an ocean of time. This feeling of smallness is compelling and important for perspective. It reflects and highlights our individual importance, and for myself, reminds me to make the most of my tiny life.

“Luna Original”

Monoprint with linocut on 280 GSM artist paper

Original work and signed by the artist

Size 53 x 34.5

Made in 2019

Worldwide shipping available - not including frame

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