"Object Impressions"

"Object Impressions"

Exhibition featuring Samantha Thompson current collection, Object Impression.

3 to 5pm held at the BOP Art Co Op HQ in Meredith.

Work is original reduction linocut on paper.

Come and enjoy a wine, while viewing this successful body of work and chat to the artist.

Stuffed into drawers, stacked in antique shops, and handed down as heirlooms you will find the domesticated art of housewives, sisters, mothers, and daughters. “Object Impressions" is a collection of such art, resplendent in reduction linocut the collection reflects why and what we collect and who it is that collects it.
These objects, rarely used but highly valued, lay hidden or on display. They’re a comment on the identity, history, and society of women. Handed down from grandmother to mother, mother to daughter. Textiles, Jewellery, and China.

Sentimental and fragile these are microcosms of the forces that shape us and the movements that bind us. Whilst my ancestors may be gone a collection of memories -household objects, Knick knacks and junk remains in their place. The Oregon trail pioneers, the revolution, the civil war, this history produces objects.

Objects that irrespective of value are used, carried, and still valued. Looking back has a curious way of granting perspective when looking forward. It is this perspective that I attribute to my varied and colourful body of reduction linocuts on paper -linocuts that in scope span several centuries of events and inspiration.

Work that in its intricate layering and tasteful imperfection channels and embodies the wear of time and the incessant march of progress. Constantly evolving and remolded progress is built off the back of each generation just as each layer of my work is built off the last in a holistic depiction of time not as linear but as tangible, condensed, and impressionable, as an object.

All welcome

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