Recent Works Exhibition

All invited to view my exhibition of "recent works" at @montsalvatartscentre in the Barn Gallery from the 6th of March to 1st April 2019
Exhibiting work from Object Impression Series, Mixed Media original works and Contemporary Tapestry’s.

Recent works by Samantha Thompson features the printmaking work of “Object Impressions” in conjunction with new series “Anticipatory Nostalgia” and new contemporary tapestry’s.

“Object Impressions” explores themes of women’s identity, in the form of kitchen items and loved domestic decorations being passed down from generations. Reduction linocut on paper seemed a great printmaking media, to express the layers built up overtime, that add depth, memory and emotion to these often simple objects.

New series “Anticipatory Nostalgia” explores the feeling of missing something before its gone, and in my case, documenting my natural surround living in rural Victoria, that’s being quickly eroded by urban sprawl. Using dry point on Perspex plates combined with mixed media techniques, my aim is to document the current natural animals and insects I come in contact with.

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